Volume 11, Issue 6, October 2020



Retrospective analysis of the incidence and characteristics of paediatric myelodysplastic syndrome and juvenile myelomonocytic leukaemia in Belgium

L. De Smaele, M. Hofmans, T. Lammens, A. Van Damme, J. van der Werff ten Bosch, A. Ferster, J. Verlooy, C. Chantrain, J. Philippé, N. Van Roy, P. De Paepe, V. Labarque, B. De Moerloose

The biochemistry of platelet function regulation

C. Tersteeg, H. Deckmyn

Leukaemic stem cells in AML: where are we now? An update on recent findings and detection

B. Depreter, B. De Moerloose, J. Philippé, T. Lammens


Diagnosis and treatment of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

E. Roose, S. Deconinck, C. Dekimpe, A. Curie, SF. De Meyer, K. VanHoorelbeke, D. Dierickx

Therapy-related myeloid neoplasms: epidemiology, pathogenesis and therapeutic options

I. Moors, A. Delie


DNAJC21 mutations as a cause of early onset bone marrow failure: report of two cases

E. Damen, M. van den Akker, S. Diallo, S. Uyttebroeck, B. Hauser, J. van der Werff ten Bosch