Volume 11, Issue 7, November 2020



Practical management of multiple myeloma: Update 2020

M.C. Vekemans, C. Doyen, K.L. Wu, A. Kentos, P. Mineur, L. Michaux, J. Caers, N. Meuleman, M. Delforge, On behalf of the BHS Myeloma Subgroup

Vaccination policy in adult patients with hematological malignancies or asplenia without stem cell transplantation: Recommendations from the advisory board on vaccination of the Belgian Hematological Society

J. Loos, M. Beckers, V. Beckers, M. Hoyoux, W. Peetermans, A. Van De Velde, V. Van Hende, A. Vanderfaeillie, Y. Van Laethem, A. Janssens


A multicentric observational study on the management of hyperleukocytic acute myeloid leukaemia in Belgium

S. Kennes, I. Moors, A. Delie, S. Anguille, D. Breems, D. Selleslag, T. Kerre


New haematology reimbursements in Belgium

J. Blokken