DNAJC21 mutations have recently been discovered as the rare cause of a Swachmann Diamond-like syndrome. So far, fifteen children have been reported in literature. We here describe two new patients from two different families, both harbouring previously undescribed mutations. Our patients had different mutations, but looked phenotypically alike and both presented with oral aversion. One patient presented with amegakaryocytosis only, which is not described as such in literature. The other patient presented with low platelets and only a mild decrease in neutrophils and haemoglobin, had only amegakaryocytosis in the bone marrow and developed pancytopenia soon afterwards. Finally, both patients had low elastase in stool, although they had no clinical signs of pancreatic insufficiency, hinting that this easy test should not be forgotten in the work up of patients with congenital amegakaryocytosis or bone marrow failure syndrome.

(BELG J HEMATOL 2020;11(6):268-71)