Medical associations

European Union of Medical Specialists (EUMS)

Federation of Belgian Medical Specialists (VBS/GBS)

Order of doctors (national council)

Flemish doctor’s syndicate (BVAS)

Belgian Society on Thrombosis & Haemostasis (BSTH)

Belgian Hematology Society (BHS)

Belgian Society of Medical Oncology (BSMO)

Belgian Association for Cancer Research (BACR)

Belgian Society for Psychosocial Oncology (BSPO)

Iridium cancer network

Belgian Society for Advancement of Cytometry (BSAC)

Association of doctors and dentists of Luxembourg (AMMD)

Luxembourg Institute of Health

Patient organisations

European Patient Organisation (EPO)

Federal Ombudsman Service for Patients’ Rights

Flemish Patient Platform (VPP)

Belgian organisation for patients of a rare disease (RADIORG)

LotUZ, for people who underwent an allogeneic stem cell transplant

Belgian Red Cross appeal for stem cell donors

Belgian Haemophilia patient organisation AHVH

Further useful links

Federal public service for Health, Food chain safety and Environment Federal Agency for Medicine and Health Products

Flanders: Department of Welfare, Public Health and Family.

Wallonia/Brussels: Ministry of Health.

Wallonian health network Reseau Sante Wallon

The hospital Jules Bordet in Brussels has a special section on leukaemia and other hemato-oncological illnesses.

Luxembourg: Ministry of Health