Volume 15, Issue 4, June 2024



Germline predisposition in the context of acute myeloid leukaemia: A single-centre descriptive study of current practice and review of the literature

S. Le Roy, R. de Putter, L. Vandepitte, K. Vandepoele, K. Claes BM,, T. Kerre, I. Moors


Updated BHS guidelines for the treatment of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL): Novelties anno 2024

J. Brijs, M. André, S. Bailly, K. Beel, C. Bonnet, G. Crochet, P. De Paepe, D. Dierickx, C. Jacquy, K. Saevels, S. Snauwaert, E. Van den Neste, V. Vergote

Multiple myeloma: Practical recommendations for the management of early relapses 2024

M.C. Vekemans, N. Kint, G. Claes, C. Doyen, V. Galle, C. Jacquy, H. Maes, N. Meuleman, O. Rizzo, A. Salembier, H. Schots, G. Verstraete, M. Delforge


Optical genome mapping (Bionano - Saphyr®) for AML associated with cryptic chromosomal recurrent abnormality

N. Catarin, C. Lété, R. Fernandez Carazo, B. Koopmansch, S. Franke, W. Llorente, A. Guadagni, V. Bours, P. Beckers, M. Jamar, F. Lambert, C. Menten


Journal scan

J. Blokken