Hologic affords a glimpse into the future

April 2019 Health Innovation Willem van Altena
Medicine doctor touching electronic medical record on tablet. DNA. Digital healthcare and network connection on hologram modern virtual screen interface, medical technology and futuristic concept.

The latest developments in the field of imaging and diagnostics are on display at the brand new Hologic Learning & Experience Centre, that opened in Zaventem last year. This ultramodern facility offers demonstrations and trainings to health professionals and stakeholders.

Hologic is an American tech-company that mainly focuses on women’s health by developing early means of diagnostics and treatment. They operate in 21 countries, and have been active in Belgium since 1992.

The new Learning & Experience Centre measures 1,500 square metres devoted to training labs for all kinds of instruments from the four divisions of Hologic. These four divisions are: health solutions for breast and skeleton, diagnistic solutions, gynaecological solutions and medical aesthetics.          

According to Hologic’s regional CEO Jan Verstreken, the Learning and Experience Centre is an important achievement when it comes to providing training and support of clients. “Hologic’s worldwide mission is improving general health and that of women in particular by coming up with advanced technologies. The patient is our main priority, and when his or her health is at stake, nothing matters more than timely, precise and accurate diagnosis. By ascertaining our technology is applied in an optimum manner, we can benefit millions of patients.”                                                                                   

The Learning & Experience Centre contains the following displays:

  • 3Dimensions™ – a mammography system capable of providing 3D images in the highest resolution on the market in the fastest time.
  • Panther Fusion® – a fully automated, integrated molecular test platform with true sample-to-result processing, adaptable work flow options and a consolidated test menu.
  • NovaSure® – a singular, minimally invasive endometrial ablation procedure, taking only five minutes in order to stop or diminish abnormal uterine blood loss.
  • PicoSure® – a laser work station designed for tattoo removal as well as skin-renewing treatments for acne scars, pigmentation issues such as liver spots and freckles, and wrinkles.

It is expected that the Learning and Experience Centre will attract thousands of visitors per year, such as healthcare experts, opinion leaders and others.