Upcoming scientific event: “bringing immunoscience to the clinic”

December 2023 Clinical practice Jolien Blokken

In the context of 5 years of Immunoscience Academy, the Steering Committee inivites you to attend the upcoming scientific Event “Bringing immunoscience to the clinic”, covering immunotherapy in earlier stages of malignancies, novel concepts in oncology such as gut microbiome and bispecifics, and relevant topics for the day-to-day clinical practice.

It is the fifth year that the ImmunoScience Academy (ISA), led by its Steering Committee, offers a unique platform for multidisciplinary education in immunoscience. ISA brings together immunoscience expertise from different therapeutic disciplines in order to facilitate scientific exchange through high quality educational events.

16h00 : Arrival and registration

16h30 : Introduction
(P Coulie, P Lacante)

16h40 : Plenary 1 :
Moving cancer immunotherapy towards earlier stages of disease : theory and practice
(P Coulie, A Awada)

17h25 : Parallel Workshop sessions part 1

  • What’s new in treating immunotherapy toxicity in 2024?
    (S Rauh, S Aspeslagh)
  • When to stop or resume immunotherapy – data from Melanoma, Lung and GI cancer
    (B Neyns, J Vansteenkiste, E Van Cutsem)
  • Imaging for immunotherapy management, what you should know for your clinical practice
    (F Cousin, V Vandecaveye, moderator : G Jerusalem)

18h05 : Break

18h25 : Plenary 2 :

  • Novel concepts in cancer immunotherapy
    (moderator : S Rauh)
    • Rapid Emergence of the gut microbiome in cancer immunotherapy
      (B Routy)
    • Novelties in bispecific agents and beyond : focus on hematology
      (T Kerre)

19h10 : Parallel Workshop sessions part 2

  • Drug interference during immunotherapy
    (B Routy, M Ilzkovitz, moderator : A Awada)
  • Patient education: examples from academic centers in Belgium
    (T Kerre, S Streel, M Vandevelde, moderator : J Vansteenkiste)
  • CAR T vs bispecifics: how to manage toxicity and sequencing
    (J Caers, P Vandenberghe, moderator : R Schots)

19h50 : Conclusions and closing

(P Coulie, P Lacante)

20h : Walking Dinner

With the support of Bristol Myers Squibb. ONC-BE-2300227 – Dec/2023