The Myeloma platform for online education on multiple myeloma

November 2023 Clinical practice Jolien Blokken

Myeloma platform is an online educational platform for healthcare professionals interested in Multiple Myeloma. Here you will find (accredited) e-learnings, webinars, podcasts and more. The educational programs are developed by/with medical & scientific experts. This article touches upon some of the educational programs available on the platform.

E-learning – How to get your head around optimal sequencing in RRMM?

The treatment options in multiple myeloma have increased significantly over the last decade. This is of course great news for patients and physicians but at the same time adds a lot of complexity in choosing the right therapy for a specific patient at a certain point in time. Therefore, this e-learning module zooms in on treatment sequencing for patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma. The expert panel that contributed to this e-learning module consists of:

  • Inger Nijhof, MD, PhD – The Netherlands
  • Fredrik Schjesvold, MD, PhD – Norway
  • Isabelle Vande Broek, MD, PhD – Belgium
  • Agoston Gyula Szabo, MD – Denmark
  • Ville Varmavuo, MD, PhD – Finland
  • Xavier Leleu, MD, PhD – France
  • Valdas Peceliunas, MD – Lithuania

The approximate time to follow this module is 1.5 hours and accreditation for this e-learning has been granted for 3 points by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

Podcast – Immuno Oncology Talks

The Immuno Oncology Talks initiative wants to shed light on cutting edge science that is evolving with new immunological therapeutic approaches for the treatment of cancers. The podcasts on this platform consist of discussions with leading experts and are intended for anyone who would like to broaden their knowledge on what is happening in this rapidly expanding field. Available Immuno Oncology Talks at the Myeloma platform are:

  • Biology of Natural Killer (NK) cells
  • NK cell-based cancer immunotherapies
  • Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocyte Based Adoptive Cellular Therapy
  • Therapeutic RNA vaccines in cancer Immunotherapy
  • Cancer cell and gene therapies and the challenges to access the market
  • Cancer Immunotherapy and the role of the Microbiome

Podcast – The Hematology podcast

“The Hematology podcast”, accessible through Spotify or through the Myeloma platform, digs into the clinical, theoretical and practical aspects of hematoly and discusses the past, present and future of the hematological field. Host for the podcasts is the Swedish hematologist Mats Merup and in each episode, he invites new guests into the studio to look into the current and future state of hematology.

Sanofi Belgium, MAT-BE-2301161 – v1.0 – 11/2023