RIZIV approved the reimbursement of blood tests at home for patients who are undergoing treatment before receiving therapy

January 2024 Reimbursement News Vanessa Vernimmen

Anyone receiving treatment must first have his or her blood checked. This is currently done in the hospital and the patient has to wait a long time for the results on site. Moreover, if it turns out that the values ​​are not good, the treatment cannot be administered and the patient has to go home. That is very stressful, for both patients and caregivers.

In 2024, the blood test that precedes treatment can now also be done at home. As a result, patients and their caregivers have to go to the hospital less often and spend less time there. A huge step towards more patient-centred care.

The benefits are clear: more comfort for the patient, fewer long hospital visits, no unnecessary travel, etc. Also less burden on hospital staff.


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