Volume 9, Abstract Book BHS, February 2018



P27 Role of FOXO1 mutations in the development of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

E. Bollaert, A. Velghe, G. Dachy, V. Havelange, J.B. Demoulin

P36 Can CLL-IPI at time of diagnosis predict who may never need treatment for B-CLL?

V. Galle, P. Vlummens, F. Offner

P35 PD-1 blockade in a patient with relapsed Hodgkin lymphoma post-allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplant: complete metabolic response without graft-versus-host-disease

K. Saevels, A. Van De Velde, S. Anguille, A. Verlinden, A. Gadisseur, W. Schroyens, Z. Berneman

P34 A crépinette sign

S. Kennes, T. Kerre, D. Mazure, P. De Visschere, C. De Vriendt

P33 Use of Ibrutinib for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) in Routine Clinical Practice: Results from the Belgian Ibrutinib Real-World Data (BiRD) Study

A. Janssens, S. Snauwaert, R. Wapenaar, C. Van Bogaert, A. Smet, V. Seynhaeve

P31 Approach of an IgM monoclonal gammopathy: clinical relevance of the MYD88 L265P mutation

M. Vercruyssen, N. Cilla, L. Ameye, M. Paesmans, A. De Wind, P. Heimann, N. Meuleman, D. Bron

P30 Severe pancytopenia as presenting feature in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma (NDMM): a rare presentation

C. De Vriendt, S. Kennes, M. Hofmans, P. Vlummens

P29 Breast implants: a rare cause of anaplastic large T-cell lymphoma

S. Bailly, Y. Breners, S. Amat, L. Maindiaux, F. Dall’Armellina, C. Galant, A. Camboni, M. Coyette, E. Van den Neste, M-C. Vekemans

P28 An immunocompetent patient with EBV-related plasmablastic lymphoma in the small pelvis: a case report

C. Debergh, D. Dierickx

P37 Comparison of Multigam® IV (5% vs. 10%) in hematological patients with secondary immunodeficiencies to evaluate infusion time, tolerability and satisfaction. A monocentric observational Belgian study

J. Van Ham, M. Delforge, A. Janssens, J. Raddoux, M. Beckers, T. Devos, D. Dierickx, V. Vergote, J. Maertens, H. Schoemans, P. Vandenberghe

P26 Immunomagnetic enrichment of circulating tumor cells prior to tumor Ig specific qASO-PCR enhances the sensitivity of minimal residual disease detection in multiple myeloma

W. De Brouwer, J. Van Der Straeten, C. Demanet, H. Schots, M. Bakkus, I. Van Riet

P25 Extended Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma: case report

O. Stas, E. Mourin, J. Depaus, F-X. Hanin, I. Theate, M. André

P17 Concurrent driver mutations in MPN: clinical and molecular characteristics of a series of 11 patients

L. De Roeck, L. Michaux, K. Debackere, E. Lierman, P. Vandenberghe, T. Devos

P16 Preleukemic phase of chronic myeloid leukemia presenting with an isolated peripheral basocytosis

F. Dall’Armellina, Y. Berners, L. Maindiaux, A. Capes, J-P. Defour, P. Saussoy, V. Havelange, M-C. Vekemans

P15 Chronic myeloid leukemia initially presenting with acute haemopericardium and cardiac tamponade: case presentation and identification of a possible pitfall

K. Maes, K. Imaeva, E. Steel, T. Kerre, P. Vlummens

P14 Cyclic thrombocytopenia in a patient with polycythemia vera: a case report

I. Depoortere, V. Maertens, M. Criel, I. Geerts

P13 In vitro generation of tumor antigen-specific T cells from patient and healthy donor stem cells

S. Bonte, S. Snauwaert, G. Goetgeluk, B. Vandekerckhove, T. Kerre

P53 Efficacy, safety and pharmacokinetic (PK) studies of a triply secured fibrinogen concentrate (FibCLOT) in children with congenital fibrinogen Deficiency

F. Bridey, C. Djambas Khayat, M. El Khorassani, S. Aytac, C. Henriet, W. Stevens

P62 Patient-centered care in hemoglobinopathies

A. Devos, P. Maes, H. Daenens, K. Saevels, A. Van De Velde

P61 Drug induced neutropenia with myelodysplasia with blast excess

A. Capes, F. Dall’Armellina, Y. Berners, L. Maindiaux, T. Connerotte, A. Camboni, P. Saussoy, J-P. Defour, X. Poiré, N. Straetmans, M-C. Vekemans

P60 Monoclonal gammopathy of clinical significance: an IgG-lambda monoclonal gammopathy associated with renal failure, lung disease and cutis laxa

L. Maindiaux, F. Dall’Armellina, Y. Berners, A. Capes, V. Gillion, J. Lelotte, L. Marot, J-P. Defour, M-C. Vekemans

P59 Benchmarking of the quality of the transfusion policy in Belgian hospitals between 2012–2016 - a collaborative and iterative method

J. Vanden Broeck, K. Beeckman, C. Gérard, M. Haelterman, V. Deneys, H. Schots

P58 Immuno-T, a motion comic educating patients and caregivers on how immunotherapy strategies work

C. Gharakhani Nia, S. Calis, Y. Bertrand, L. Achten, J. Soetens, B Casteels, D. Flamez, E. Bollaert, T. Kerre

P57 Screening and follow-up for paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria

A. Vodolazkaia, W. Schuermans, J.L. Rummens, A. Hendrickx, B. Maes, R. Claeys, V. Peeters

P56 Tolerability of a plasma-derived von Willebrand factor (VWF) concentrate (WILFACTIN): more than 15 years of clinical development in patients with inherited von Willebrand disease

F. Bridey, C. Henriet, K. Chili

P54 Detection of RhCE phenotypic variants by serologic routine blood grouping

M. Binsfeld, A. Gothot, M. Monfort

P12 Diagnostic utility of the lymphoid screening tube for Ogata score calculation in MDS investigation

A. Muyldermans, L. Florin, H. Devos, B. Cauwelier, J. Emmerechts

P52 Pancytopenia induced by visceral leishmaniasis in a patient with relapsed multiple myeloma

S. Amat, M-C. Vekemans, J-P. Defour, J.C. Yombi, I. Stoian, S. Bailly

P51 Rasburicase-induced hemolytic anemia and methemoglobinemia in a patient with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency

C. Debergh, D. Dierickx, P. Vandenberghe

P50 Resolving DOAC interference on lupus anticoagulant testing: evaluation of DOAC-Stop®

G. Frans, P. Meeus, E. Bailleul

P49 Evaluation of the CellaVision DM96 Advanced RBC Application for screening and follow-up of malaria infection

L. Florin, K. Maelegheer, A. Muyldermans, M. Van Esbroeck, E. Nulens, J. Emmerechts

P46 About a case of allogenic hematopoietic stem cell transplant-associated thrombotic microangiopathy

Y. Berners, A. Capes, F. Dall’Armellina, L. Maindiaux, J. Morelle, K. Claes, C. Lambert, X. Poiré, M-C. Vekemans

P45 Donor cell derived deletion 7q occurring after allogeneic stem cell transplantation: a case report

A. Delie, P. Vlummens, N. Van Roy, F. Offner, T. Kerre

P44 Incidence trends of hematological malignancies in belgium over 2004–2015: impact of the residence on chronic myeloid disorders

H.A. Poirel, T. Vandendael, F. Calay, K. Henau, L. Van Eycken

PP03 Amsacrine combined with high dose cytarabine in relapsed/refractory acute myeloid leukemia (rraml)

A. Salaroli, D. Bron, M. Paesmans, B. Cantinieaux, P. Heimann, P. Lewalle, S. Wittnebel

PP24 Is it possible to create an index that can predict who may never need treatment for B-CLL?

V. Galle, P. Vlummens, F. Offner

PP23 A simple frailty score to identify patients with malignant hemopathies who don’t benefit from standard dose chemotherapy

S. Dubruille, C. Kenis, Y. Libert, M. Delforge, L. Dal Lago, M. Roos, C. Borghgraef, A. Salaroli, M. Maerevoet, D. Razavi, H. Wildiers, D. Bron

PP22 Maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase (MELK) inhibitor OTSSP167 has preclinical activity in multiple myeloma bone disease

J. Muller, A. Bolomsky, S. Dubois, E. Duray, Y. Beguin, H. Ludwig, R. Heusschen, J. Caers

PP21 The light chain IgLV3-21 defines a new poor prognostic subgroup in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: results from a multicenter study

B. Stamatopoulos, T. Smith, E. Crompot, K. Pieters, R. Clifford, M. Mraz, P. Robbe, A. Burns, A. Timbs, D. Bruce, P. Hillmen, N. Meuleman, P. Mineur, R. Firescu, M. Maerevoet, V. De Wilde, A. Efira, J. Philippé, B. Verhasselt, F. Offner, A. Heger, D. Sims, H. Dreau, A. Schuh

PP20 Cost-effectiveness of Ibrutinib as Frontline Treatment For Adult Patients With Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia in Belgium

A. Smet, S. Peng, E. Dorman, K. Deger, S. Sorensen, S. Baculea, S. Cote

PP19 NEOD001 Demonstrates Organ Biomarker Responses in Patients with Light Chain Amyloidosis and Persistent Organ Dysfunction Independently of Previous Hematologic Response

MA Gertz, RL Comenzo, H Landau, V Sanchorawala, BM Weiss, JA Zonder, G Merlini, S Schönland, J Walling, GG Kinney, M Koller, DB Schenk, SD Guthrie, E Liu, M Liedtke

PP06 Hereditary predisposition syndromes to malignant hemopathies (HPSMH)

S. Dupriez, A. Ferrant, M-C. Vekemans, B. Brichard, L. Michaux, T. Connerotte, E. Van den Neste, C. Vermylen, L. Knoops, C. Graux, F. Duhoux, C. Lambert, X. Poiré, H.A. Poirel

PP04 Limitations of CLL-1 (CLEC12A) as a putative marker of leukemic stem cells in acute myeloid leukemia

S. Daga, A. Rosenberger, N. Krisper, A. Woelfler

PP38 Autologous hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation in lymphoma - a single center experience

C. Kockerols, D. Dierickx, G. Verhoef

PP02 Monocentric retrospective study of 138 therapy-related myeloid neoplasms

H. Claerhout, E. Lierman, L. Michaux, G. Verhoef, N. Boeckx

PP01 Exploring the long non-coding RNA landscape in Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia

M. Hofmans, T. Lammens, S. Bresolin, H. Cavé, C. Flotho, H. Hasle, H. Helsmoortel, M. Van den Heuvel-Eibrink, C. Niemeyer, J. Stary, N. Van Roy, P. Van Vlierberghe, J. Philippé, B. De Moerloose

O6 Analysis of the impact of mismatches at HLA loci DRB3/4/5 on outcomes after allogeneic stem cell transplantation

F. Van Obbergh, N. Vanlangendonck, A. Van Maanen, P. Van Muylder, A. Ferrant, C. Lambert, E. Van den Neste, D. Latinne, X. Poiré

O5 Inhibition of multiple myeloma exosomes prevents bone loss and reduces tumor growth.

S. Faict, K. De Veirman, K. Maes, E. De Bruyne, H. Schots, R. Heusschen, J. Caers, K. Vanderkerken, E. Menu

O4 Modeling T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia using CRISPR/Cas9 mediated genome editing in Xenopus tropicalis

D. Dimitrakopoulou, R. Noelanders, T. Naert, D. Tulkens, S. Demuynck, P. Van Vlierberghe, K. Vleminckx

O3 Polycythemia vera and hydroxyurea resistance/intolerance: a monocentric retrospective analysis

T. Demuynck, P. Vandenberghe, G. Verhoef, T. Devos

O2 In Vitro Effects of BCR-ABL Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors on Endothelial Cells Survival and Functions

H. Haguet, J. Douxfils, C. Chatelain, C. Graux, F. Mullier, J-M. Dogné

PP46 Blood transfusion management in the new era of immune therapy: experience from Dienst voor het Bloed, Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen

E. Lazarova, M.P. Emonds, V. Pede, P. Gys, A. Muylaert, P. Vandekerckhove, V. Combernolle

P11 Blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm with skin, bone marrow and CNS involvement: a case report

K. Imaeva, P. Vlummens, S. Verbeke, J. Philippé, I. Moors

P10 Translocation (12;22) with TEL-MN1 (ETV6-MN1) fusion transcript: a recurrent, but rare genetic abnormality in acute myeloid leukaemia: case report and review of the literature

I. Moors, T. Kerre, B. Denys, M. Hofmans, K. Vandepoele

P09 A case of chronic eosinophilic leukemia with secondary transformation to acute myeloid leukemia

M. Hofmans, A. Delie, K. Vandepoele, N. Van Roy, J. Van der Meulen, J. Philippé, I. Moors

P08 Contribution of flow cytometry in myelodyplastic syndromes

M. El Ouaaliti

P07 Refractory mediastinal myeloid sarcoma preceding an acute myeloid leukemia with t(10;11) chromosome translocation

L. Naesens, D. Selleslag, F. Nollet, H. Devos

PP55 Transcription factors and checkpoint inhibitors expression in t-lymphocytes from chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients and age-matched healthy donors

L. Dang, S. Garaud, B. Stamatopoulos, M. Berehab, C. Gu-Trantien, M. Krayem, H. Duvillier, J.N. Lodewyckx, K. Willard-Gallo, C. Sibille, D. Bron

PP48 Validation of first trimester non-invasive fetal RhD genotyping for targeted antenatal anti-D prophylaxis

B. Cauwelier, A. Van Haver, F. Nollet, H. Devos, J. Emmerechts

PP47 mBetrixaban: Impact on routine and specific coagulation assays - A practical laboratory guide

R. Siriez, J. Evrard, J-M. Dogné, L. Pochet, D. Gheldof, B. Chatelain, C. Vancraeynest, P. Devel, M. Guldenpfennig, C. Devroye, F. Mullier, J. Douxfils

O1 Prophylactic donor lymphocyte infusions after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in high risk acute leukemia and myelodysplastic syndromes: a single-center retrospective study.

E. Collinge, C. Graux, M. André, H. Labussière-Wallet, M. Michallet, G. Salles

PP45 Blood transfusion in Sickle Cell Disease. Retrospective study in ZNA Hospitals (Antwerp)

T. Eyckmans, S. Mahieu, M.P. Emonds, E. Lazarova, P. Vandenberghe, P. Zachée

PP44 CORD BLOOD CELLS: a rapid alternative method for antibody screening in patients under therapeutic CD38-targeting antibody

M.L. Schleck, O. De Mos, M. Monfort

PP43 Graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) of the central nervous system (CNS) after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation (alloHCT): case report

M. Pirotte, F. Forte, L. Lutteri, B. Otto, E. Willems, L. Belle, F. Baron, Y. Beguin, P. Maquet, O. Bodard, S. Servais

PP42 Th17 impact on xenogeneic graft-versus-host disease

L. Delens, G. Ehx, L. Vrancken, G. Fransolet, C. Grégoire, M. Hannon, S. Dubois, C. Daulne, Y. Beguin, F. Baron, S. Servais

PP41 The role of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

A. Betsch, O. Rutgeerts, S. Fevery, B. Sprangers, D. Dierickx, M. Beckers

PP40 Anti-Pd1 inhibitor follow by Allo Stem cell transplantation in 3 heavily pretreated lymphoma’s patients: Experience from Institut Jules Bordet

M. Maerevoet, P. Lewalle, N. Meuleman, C. Spilleboudt, A. Salaroli, S. Wittnebel

PP39 An unusual case of paraneoplastic nephrotic syndrome in a patient with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

C. Spilleboudt, F. Paciorkowski, M. Vercruyssen, L. Bienfait, M. Depierreux, M. Maerevoet, D. Bron, J. Nortier