Volume 6, Issue 2, May 2015



BHS 2013 recommendations for treatment of myelodysplastic syndromes

S. Meers, D. Breems, G. Bries, M. Delforge, C. Graux, D. Selleslag, L. Noens

BHS Guidelines for the treatment of Burkitt’s lymphoma

C. Bonnet, A. Janssens, K.L. Wu, W. Schroyens, V. Van Hende, P. Heimann, T. Tousseyn, M. André, D. Bron, A. Van Hoof, G. Verhoef, B. De Prijck, Y. Beguin, D. Dierickx


Carfilzomib in the treatment of multiple myeloma

J. Van Droogenbroeck


Haemolytic crisis induced by rasburicase administration revealing G-6-PD deficiency

S. Sid, C. Dugauquier, B. De Prijck, C. Bonnet, Y. Beguin