Volume 6, Abstract Book BSTH, November 2015



Dextran sulphate triggers platelet aggregation via direct activation of PEAR1

C. Vandenbriele, Y. Sun, M. Criel, K. Cludts, S. van Kerckhoven, B. Izzi, T. Vanassche, P. Verhamme, M.F. Hoylaerts

The order of draw: much ado about nothing?

C. Indevuyst, W. Schuermans, E. Bailleul, P. Meeus

Comparison of HIL interferences on three hemostasis analyzers and contribution of a preanalytical module for routine coagulation assays

C. Nagant, L. Rozen, A. Demulder

Phenotypic characterization of a patient with Glanzmann Thrombasthenia caused by a novel homozygous mutation in the ITGA2B gene

C. Lecut, P. Péters, M. Fiore, C. Delierneux, M. Joiret, A. Hego, C. Oury, A. Gothot

Pneumatic tube transport is feasible for Rotem coagulation tests in a Central laboratory

L. Moreno Y Banuls, R. Li, C. Swaelens, S. Bargaga, B. Kreps, P. Mols, P. Goffard, A. Roman, P. Kapessidou, B. Cantinieaux

Clotting time or Rosner index for mixing test interpretation makes a difference in the overall lupus anticoagulant test result

B. Depreter, K. Devreese

An epidemiological evaluation of the incidence of deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in patients with hip or knee replacement surgery and of its impact on the average length of stay and hospitalization cost

P. Chevalier, M. Lamotte

Comparison of point-of-care instruments I-STAT, ACTPlus and Hemochron Signature Plus for measurement of activated clotting time (ACT)

S. Vandendriessche, H. Laverge, K. Devreese

Endogenous plasmin levels control the development of acute episodes of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura in mice

C. Tersteeg, L. Deforche, F. Denorme, A. Gils, R. Lijnen, H. Deckmyn, P.J. Declerck, H. Rottensteiner, S.F. De Meyer, C. Maas, K. VanHoorelbeke

Assessment of sensitivity for coagulation factor deficiency in routine coagulation tests

E. Dumoulin, L. Fiers, K. Devreese

ADAMTS13-induced destabilization of the von Willebrand factor A2 domain

L. Deforche, H.B. Feys, K. De Ceunynck, A. Vandenbulcke, N. VanDePutte, E. Roose, Y. Fujimura, K. Soejima, D.A. Lane, B.M. Luken, H. Deckmyn, J.E. Sadler, S.F. De Meyer, K. VanHoorelbeke

A mouse model for acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

L. Deforche, C. Tersteeg, E. Roose, A. Vandenbulcke, N. VanDePutte, E. De Cock, H. Rottensteiner, H. Deckmyn, S.F. De Meyer, K. VanHoorelbeke

Phosphorylation of platelet acetyl-CoA carboxylase is increased in human and mice atherosclerosis and could be an indicator of persistent thrombin generation

S. Lepropre, S. Kautbally, M.-B. Onselaer, D. Vancraeynest, N. Barrile, L. Bertrand, J.-L. Vanoverschelde, C. Beauloye, S. Horman

Identification of a novel staphylococcal binding partner for soluble von Willebrand factor-binding protein crucial for adhesion of Staphylococcus aureus to the vessel wall via von Willebrand factor

J. Claes, M. Peetermans, L. Liesenborghs, T.R. Veloso, M.F. Hoylaerts, R. Heying, P. Verhamme, T. Vanassche

ADAMTS13 deficiency in mice does not aggravate diet-induced liver steatosis

L. Geys, E. Roose, K. VanHoorelbeke, M. Hoylaerts, L. Roger, I. Scroyen

GARP expressed on platelets does not contribute to hemostasis and thrombosis in mice

E. Vermeersch, S. De Meyer, K. VanHoorelbeke, D. Unutmaz, H. Fujii, H. Deckmyn, C. Tersteeg

Binding to von Willebrand factor enables S. lugdunensis to overcome shear stress and cause infective endocarditis

L. Liesenborghs, M. Peetermans, J. Claes, M. Lox, K. Cludts, S. van Kerckhoven, W. Peetermans, T. Vanassche, M. Hoylaerts, P. Verhamme

P2X1 ion channels limit the formation of extra-intestinal neutrophil-rich thrombi in acute colitis

O. Wéra, C. Delierneux, A. Hego, C. Lecut, L. Servais, P. Lancellotti, C. Oury

ADAMTS13 containing the naturally occurring mutation p.Arg1177Gln adopts an open conformation

E. Roose, R. Demeersseman, I. Pareyn, D. Dierickx, L. Deforche, H. Deckmyn, S. De Meyer, K. VanHoorelbeke

Addition of idarucizumab to plasma samples containing dabigatran allows to use routine coagulation assays to diagnose hemostasis disorders

M. Peetermans, J. Toelen, J. Schoeters, K. Peerlinck, J. Van Ryn, T. Vanassche, P. Verhamme, M. Jacquemin

A novel FGA mutation underlying a case of congenital dysfibrinogenemia with unusual clinical presentation

M. Tajdar, M. Herpol, C. Orlando, B. De Bisschop, P. Govaert, K. Jochmans

Elevated basal levels of platelet-bound fibrinogen predict the occurrence of sepsis in ICU: a prospective study

C. Delierneux, N. Layios, A. Hego, J. Huart, A. Joly, P. Geurts, P. Damas, C. Lecut, A. Gothot, C. Oury

The role of ADAMTS13 and VWF in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke: a Case Control Study

F. Denorme, P. Kraft, C. Drechsler, I. Pareyn, G. Stoll, K. VanHoorelbeke, H. Deckmyn, P.U. Heuschmann, C. Kleinschnitz, S.F. De Meyer

High and long-term expression of von Willebrand factor after Sleeping Beauty transposon-mediated gene therapy in mice

I. Portier, K. VanHoorelbeke, S. Verhenne, I. Pareyn

Platelet Endothelial Aggregation Receptor 1: a novel modifier of neo-angiogenesis

C. Vandenbriele, A. Kauskot, I. Vandersmissen, M. Criel, R. Geenens, S. Craps, A. Luttun, S. Janssens, M.F. Hoylaerts, P. Verhamme

ADAMTS13-mediated thrombolysis of t-PA resistant occlusions in ischemic stroke

F. Denorme, F. Langhauser, L. Desender, A. Vandenbulcke, H. Rottensteiner, B. Plaimauer, T. Andersson, O. François, H. Deckmyn, F. Scheiflinger, C. Kleinschnitz, K. VanHoorelbeke, S.F. De Meyer

Endothelial cells do not express the vasopressin receptor 2 that is required for the release of FVIII and VWF following DDAVP treatment

L. Feyen, B. Izzi, R. Lavend’homme, T. Shahani, K. Peerlinck, M. Jacquemin

Inhibition of TAFI and PAI-1 protects mice from cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury

F. Denorme, T. Wyseure, N. VanDePutte, M. Peeters, H. Deckmyn, A. Gils, K. VanHoorelbeke, P.J. Declerck, S.F. De Meyer