Volume 5, Abstract Book BSTH, November 2014



PEAR1 upregulation during megakaryopoiesis is dependent on changes in DNA methylation

B. Izzi, A. Kauskot, C. Vandenbriele, M. Criel, K. Cludts, P. Verhamme, K. Freson, M. Hoylaerts

A-111 Recombinant ADAMTS13 as an effective therapy for acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura in rats

C. Tersteeg, A. Schiviz, B. Plaimauer, S. De Meyer, F. Scheiflinger, H. Rottensteiner, K. VanHoorelbeke

ADAMTS13 destabilizes thrombi in a mouse model of thrombotic focal cerebral ischemia

F. Denorme, F. Langhauser, M. Schuhmann, H. Rottensteiner, B. Plaimauer, F. Scheiflinger, K. VanHoorelbeke, C. Kleinschnitz, S. De Meyer

Adenosine triphosphate release assay with different concentrations of thrombin for the assessment of platelet function disorders and correlation with platelet count in storage pool disease

S. Mulliez, K. Devreese

Apheresis platelet concentrates with persistent particles

B. Van Aelst, H.B. Feys, R. Devloo, P. Vandekerckhove, J. Coene, V. Compernolle

Endogenous thrombin generation potential: an added value parameter to individualize prophylaxis treatment in pediatric haemophiliac patients?

E. Pizzuti, L. Rozen, P.-Q. Le, A. Ferster, A. Demulder

Evaluation of the chromogenic dosage of FXII and its application to angioedema type III

L. Rozen, C. Devroye, F. Debaugnies, B. Mahadeb, F. Corazza, A. Demulder

Heparin and low molecular weight heparin: influence of anti-Xa/anti-IIa ratio on activated partial thromboplastin time

Y. Overmeire, E. De Maertelaere, K. Devreese

Interplay between coagulation and fibrinolysis in infections

M. Peetermans, L. Liesenborghs, J. Claes, R.H. Lijnen, M.F. Hoylaerts, P. Verhamme

A-112 Causes of ‘Gray platelets’: from genetic studies of inherited thrombocytopenia to functional studies

A. Wijgaerts, M.-C. Wittevrongel, T. Devos, M. Tijssen, K. Peerlinck, C. Van Geet, K. Freson

Platelets contribute to colitis-associated carcinogenesis: evidence from a mouse model

L. Servais, N. Bouznad, S. Jacques, C. Delierneux, A. Hego, A. Gothot, C. Oury

The flexible tail of the hemostatic enzyme adamts13 is able to shield the active site

L. Deforche, E. Roose, A. Vandenbulcke, H.B. Feys, T.A. Springer, L.-Z. Mi, J. Muia, J.E. Sadler, K. Soejima, H. Rottensteiner, S.F. De Meyer, H. Deckmyn, K. VanHoorelbeke

The Use of Temporary Central Venous Catheters for Optimizing Continuous Infusion in Hemophilia Patients Undergoing Major Surgical Procedures

A. Boban, C. Lambert, C. Hermans

Three photochemical pathogen inactivation methods impair platelet function with different underlying biochemical mechanisms

B. Van Aelst, R. Devloo, P. Vandekerckhove, V. Compernolle, H.B. Feys

Thrombin generation in the plasma of sickle cell trait adults shows prothrombotic profile as compared to normal adults

L. Dewispelaere, B. Mahadeb, L. Rozen, D. Noubouossie, T. Besse-Hamer, A. Efira, P. Hermans, B. Gulbis, M.A. Azerad, A. Demulder

Validation of a ready to use Clauss fibrinogen

D. Fage, I. Courtois, E. Fosse, E. Saccomando, P. Cauchie

Value and implications of the anti-Xa activity monitoring in pregnant women receiving prophylactic LMWH: a retrospective study

S. Paulus, A. Boban, C. Lambert, C. Hermans

A-114 von Willebrand factor-binding protein exhibits a dual role in bacterial adhesion to the vessel wall

J. Claes, T. Vanassche, M. Peetermans, L. Liesenborghs, C. Vandenbriele, K. VanHoorelbeke, D. Missiakas, O. Schneewind, M.F. Hoylaerts, R. Heying, P. Verhamme

A-122 ‘Sleeping Beauty’-mediated gene transfer of ADAMTS13 prevents the onset of TTP-like symptoms in ADAMTS13-deficient mice

S. Verhenne, N. VanDePutte, I. Pareyn, Z. Izsvák, H. Rottensteiner, H. Deckmyn, S.F. De Meyer, K. VanHoorelbeke

A-105 PEAR1: a novel link between IgE-mediated allergy and cardiovascular disease

Y. Sun, C. Vandenbriele, A. Kauskot, P. Verhamme, M.F. Hoylaerts, G.J. Wright

A-116 Influence of platelet count in platelet rich plasma for adenosine triphosphate release assay

S. Mulliez, K. Devreese

A-126 Evaluation of a rapid lateral flow immunoassay (STic Expert® HIT) in Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT)

L. De Cooman, K. Devreese

A-103 Rivaroxaban for the treatment of consumptive coagulopathy associated with vascular malformations

C. Vandenbriele, T. Vanassche, M. Peetermans, P. Verhamme, K. Peerlinck

A-128 Dose finding of rivaroxaban in hemodialysis patients

A.S. De Vriese, R. Caluwé, E. Bailleul, D. De Bacquer, D. Borrey, S. Ameye, E. Hysselinckx, B. Van Vlem, S.J. Vandecasteele, J. Emmerechts

A-108 Belgian multicenter study into von Willebrand Disease (B-Will Study): First results

I. Vangenechten, K. Jochmans, P. Péters, K. Devreese, C. Hermans, S. Motte, A. Gadisseur