VEXAS syndrome, an acquired autoinflammatory syndrome, is classified within the complex of autoinflammatory diseases (AID), arising from aberrant changes in the innate immune system due to acquisition of somatic mutation of the UBA1 gene in bone marrow cells. This recently identified syndrome is characterised by systemic inflammation, chondritis, neutrophilic dermatosis, pulmonary involvement, thrombosis, macrocytosis and cytopenia in mature men. We present a case study of a 67-years-old man exhibiting multiple thrombotic manifestations without any known underlying aetiology or haemopathy. This report emphasises the crucial collaboration between clinicians, cytologists and geneticists highlighting the pivotal role of UBA1 mutation screening in the diagnostic process to confirm the final diagnosis.

(BELG J HEMATOL 2023;14(8):336–42)