New therapeutic developments in the field of haemophilia were highlighted at the ASH 2021 congress. These included the results of inhibition of antithrombin production via fitusiran for the prevention of bleeding events in haemophilia A and B patients with or without inhibitors, the success of emicizumab, a bispecific antibody that mimics the action of FVIII, in patients with moderate or mild haemophilia A, and finally the promising results of FVIII fused to the Fc fragment of the immunoglobulins as an agent for FVIII tolerance induction in patients with inhibitors. In the field of antithrombotics, a meta-analysis confirms the place of direct oral anticoagulants in cancer patients with thrombosis. Xarelto has demonstrated its value in patients with visceral venous thrombosis and a large study does not support the thrombogenicity of mRNA-based COVID vaccines.

(BELG J HEMATOL 2022;13(1):37-42)