PP4.4 A retrospective study of 109 patients with essential thrombocythemia with a focus on the delay in the diagnosis

BJH - volume 7, issue Abstract Book BHS, january 2016

F. Lurquin , V. Lannoy , J-P. Defour PhD, L. Knoops MD, PhD

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P1.15 Outcome after salvage chemotherapy with DHAP/ICE-type regimens and attempt to transplant in patients with aggressive lymphoma: experience of a single centre

BJH - volume 6, issue Abstract Book BHS, january 2015

P.D.M. Katoto , N. Vanlangendonck , V. Havelange MD, PhD, X. Poiré MD, PhD, C. Lambert MD, M-C. Vekemans MD, A. Ferrant , V. Lannoy , E. Van den Neste MD, PhD

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