Management of cutaneous T & B cell lymphomas: a comprehensive review

BJH - volume 9, issue 3, june 2018

M. de Vicq de Cumptich MD, C. Springael MD, PhD, J. Somja MD, PhD, C. Bonnet MD, PhD, P. Heimann MD, PhD, U. Sass MD, A. Janssens MD, PhD, D. Bron MD, PhD


Primary cutaneous lymphomas are a heterogeneous group of diseases with indolent or aggressive behaviour, skin-limited or systemic extension, from T or B cell origin. The optimal management requires the multi-disciplinary approach with dermatologists, hemato-oncologists, pathologists and molecular biologists. The objective of this review is to harmonise the work-up and the treatment of these different entities of cutaneous T or B cell lymphoma in Belgium, according to the availability of the drugs and specialised treatment such as extracorporeal photopherisis or total skin electron beam therapy.

(BELG J HEMATOL 2018;9(3):86–100)

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