Rituximab induced serum sickness or immune complex deposition disease: case report and desensitisation protocol

BJH - volume 11, issue 2, march 2020

N.C. Granacher MD, T. Eyckmans MD


The chimeric monoclonal IgG1 antibody directed to CD20 Rituximab is used to treat various haematological malignancies and auto-immune diseases. Serum sickness is a type III hypersensitivity reaction leading to the formation and tissue deposition of immune antibody-antigen complexes. It has been described as a very rare complication of Rituximab treatment, mainly seen in patients treated for auto-immune diseases. We report the case of a patient with Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinaemia whose Rituximab treatment was complicated by documented immune complex deposition or serum sickness. We successfully applied a Rituximab desensitisation protocol, which allowed us to complete treatment.

(BELG J HEMATOL 2020;11(2):75–8)

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P.24 Rare morphologic phenomena in plasma cell dyscrasia: report of two cases

BJH - volume 11, issue Abstract Book BHS, february 2020

K. Kehoe , S. Weekx , S. Vermeiren , K. Ver Elst , T. Eyckmans MD, C. Schuermans MD, J. Lemmens MD

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PP45 Blood transfusion in Sickle Cell Disease. Retrospective study in ZNA Hospitals (Antwerp)

BJH - 2018, issue Abstract Book BHS, february 2018

T. Eyckmans MD, S. Mahieu , M.P. Emonds MD, PhD, E. Lazarova , P. Vandenberghe MD, PhD, P. Zachée MD, PhD

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