P.07 Interim analysis of the randomized EORTC/ LYSA/FIL Intergroup H10 trial on early PET-scan driven treatment adaptation in stage I/II Hodgkin lymphoma

BJH - 2013, issue BHS Abstractbook, january 2013

P. André , E. Van den Neste MD, PhD, G. Verhoef MD, PhD, D. Bron MD, PhD, A. Van Hoof MD, PhD, P. Zachée MD, PhD, S. van Steenwegen , B. De Prijck MD, N. Straetmans MD, PhD, M. Maerevoet MD, D. Boulet , F. Offner MD, PhD, P. Pierre , V. Mathieux MD, PhD, P. Mineur MD, T. Connerotte MD, M. Federico , J. Raemaekers

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