P15 Chronic myeloid leukemia initially presenting with acute haemopericardium and cardiac tamponade: case presentation and identification of a possible pitfall

BJH - 2018, issue Abstract Book BHS, february 2018

dr. K. Maes , K. Imaeva , E. Steel , T. Kerre MD, PhD, P. Vlummens MD

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P3.08 Multifocal periostitis as a long-term complication of voriconazole use in an allogeneic stem cell transplant recipient

BJH - volume 6, issue Abstract Book BHS, january 2015

P. Vlummens MD, P. Gykiere , B. Lambert MD, E. Steel , T. Kerre MD, PhD

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P1.02 Acquired hemophilia: a retrospective evaluation in the Ghent University Hospital

BJH - volume 5, issue Abstract Book BHS, january 2014

S. Mulliez , A. Vantilborgh , E. Steel , K. Devreese

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P.37 Incidental diagnosis of Fanconi anemia in an adult patient with myelodysplastic syndrome

BJH - 2013, issue BHS Abstractbook, january 2013

B. Poppe , E. Steel , S. Callens MD, PhD, K. Bonte , A. d’Heedene , F. Speleman PhD, B. Menten , N. Van Roy PhD

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