Academic clinical trials run by the Transplant Committee of the Belgian Hematological Society

BJH - volume 3, issue 2, june 2012

A. Vandamme MSc, R. Schots MD, PhD, Y. Beguin MD, PhD


The Transplantation Committee of the Belgian Hematological Society (BHS) is supported by all university centres and nonuniversity centres with significant transplant activity. The committee is involved in the development of transplant guidelines and recommendations, the transplant peer review process, contacts with regulatory authorities, the introduction of expanded access and medical need programs and the initiation of academic studies addressing important questions in the transplant field. Since 2008, eight clinical trials have been initiated after approval by the Ethics Committees and the National Competent Authority (AFMPS/FAGG). So far, one of them has been completed and is being prepared for publication. In this paper, we briefly describe the rationale, objectives, treatment arms, major inclusion criteria and current status of these different trials. In addition and for each trial a link is provided to the BHS website to obtain more details regarding inclusion criteria, participating centres and administrative/contact information.

(BELG J HEMATOL 2012;3:62–67)

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