PP21 The light chain IgLV3-21 defines a new poor prognostic subgroup in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: results from a multicenter study

BJH - 2018, issue Abstract Book BHS, february 2018

B. Stamatopoulos , T. Smith , E. Crompot , K. Pieters , R. Clifford , M. Mraz , P. Robbe , A. Burns , A. Timbs , D. Bruce , P. Hillmen , N. Meuleman MD, PhD, P. Mineur MD, R. Firescu , M. Maerevoet MD, V. De Wilde MD, PhD, A. Efira MD, J. Philippé MD, PhD, B. Verhasselt MD, PhD, F. Offner MD, PhD, A. Heger , D. Sims , H. Dreau , A. Schuh

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O.3 IgHV Mutational Status Analysis By Next-Generation Deep Sequencing In Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Patients: Prognostic Significance Of Multiple Subclones And Implication For Disease Cell Origin

BJH - volume 7, issue Abstract Book BHS, january 2016

B. Stamatopoulos , A. Timbs , H. Dreau , R. Clifford , P. Robbe , A. Burns , J. Mason , A. Schuh

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