Advice for haemophiliacs during the corona crisis: do not hoard medicine

April 2020 Corona Willem van Altena
Haemophilia - blood disorder abstract.

Haemophilia patient organisation AHVH has issued guidelines for people with haemophilia in response to the corona virus outbreak, that has many patients concerned.
For haemophila patients who are being treated with standard or long-working recombinant FVIII, FIX concentrate, FEIBA, FVIIa or emicizumab the advice is as follows:

  • There is no reason to change the recommended treatment.
  • Check your medicine supply at home and make sure there are enough units available to last throughout a possible quarantaine period.
  • There is no reason to anticipate an upcoming shortage in units; both production and distribution still function properly.
  • Should your supply at home be limited, please contact your haemophilia treatment centre.
  • Do not hoard medicine and don’t stock more units than you need.

More information

To find the latest information regarding the corona crisis and its effect on haemophilia treatment, please visit the website of the AHVH.